Salman Khan and the Ganesha Festival (Updated)

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan participated in last week’s Ganesha festival in Mumbai along with hundreds of other devotees. Some clerics were infuriated by the Muslim actor’s involvement in the Hindu holiday and have declared him a ‘non-believer’ that must reaffirm his faith before an imam. This directive has been widely criticized in the media.

As for Khan, he said at the festival, “We believe in this. The energy here is spectacular. When we were kids, we used to come here and I have come here after a long time. Whatever I wanted, I have got.”

Update: A group of Muslim scholars has denounced the fatwa against Khan, saying the Islam’s image “is hurt by such fatwas.”

Key quote: ‘Niaz Ahmed Farooqui, secretary of Jamait-Ulema-Hind, said “it was high time we stopped interfering in personal matters. Salman is living in a country which is free and democratic.”‘


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