Surrogate Mothers and the Indian Economy

In-vitro fertilization in the United States can cost infertile couples tens of thousands of dollars. If couples look overseas for a surrogate mother, they would only have to spend a fraction of that. In India, a surrogate pregnancy costs just $6000. For the average working person in India, it would take 10 years to earn the equivalent of $6000.

There are 600 IVF clinics in India and they bring roughly $400 million dollars a year into the local economy.

The Christian Science Monitor reported last year that 75% of the clients at Kaival Hospital in Anand are foreigners from the UK, the US, Japan and Southeast Asia.


6 thoughts on “Surrogate Mothers and the Indian Economy

  1. B.R. Ramaprasad says:

    I saw a special on IVF’s in India on Oprah Winfrey’s. Although it kind of leaned towards women helping women (Western women who cannot conceive helping poor women in India) and bringing countries together, the long term psychological effects on the surrogate mother and on the children so born is something on which much attention seems to have not been paid. It is worth exploring and writing about.

  2. Wilfrid says:

    This service has a lot of potential for further development. Provide a sperm donor with Brasilian football credentials, an egg donor with sporting stamina and England could breed a football team that manages to qualify for competitions.

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