George Allen Joins Fred Thompson’s Campaign

Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign announced Monday that former Senator George Allen will be one of the campaign’s three national co-chairs. If you recall, Allen’s 2006 reelection campaign was derailed when he called S.R. Sidharth, an Indian-American Jim Webb volunteer, an ethnic slur.

Allen now says that 2006 seems like a lifetime ago and that he is working on getting Republicans elected in Virginia.


“I’m trying to help out candidates in Virginia,” he said, mentioning GOP House member Dave Nutter in the New River Valley and “a fella named Omarh Rajah running for the school board in Chesterfield. We’ve got some really good folks running.”

My italics. As David Kurtz from TPM says: “A fella named Omarh Rajah. Does it make me a cynic if I think Allen didn’t slip that name in there by accident?”


3 thoughts on “George Allen Joins Fred Thompson’s Campaign

  1. B.R. Ramaprasad says:

    Mr. Allen is trying to right the wrong he committed intentionally. I have tried my best to forgive him for what he said. His subsequent apologies were more a necessity rather than coming from his heart. He should know that public office comes under intense scrutiny and these attempts will not fool me. He has to do much more to redeem himself.

  2. K. Bakeer Al-Mateen says:

    I think if you do your homework a little more you will find that the Senator has been supported a great deal by Mr. Rajah in last years campaign before and after the Macaca moment. This is why Senator Allen decided to forgo attending the GOP Presidential Debate in Michigan in order to honor his previous commitment to Omarh’s Chesterfield County’s School Board Campaign’s fundraiser. Also, I find it extremely arrogant that you would think that the opinions of people like you that will never have the best interest of individual citizens at heart when advancing their particular ideology (conservative or liberal) matter to George Allen, Omarh Rajah or their growing list of supporters. So go ahead and keep whining while Omarh keeps winning support from an extremely diversified list of voters who care about the education and well being of our children more than partisan politics.

  3. B.R. Ramaprasad says:

    Contrary to what you seem to suggest, I do not purport to represent anyone but myself and they are purely my personal views.

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