Kurt Cobain on the Band Queen

In the trailer for the documentary Kurt Cobain: About a Son you can hear a brief snippet of the Queen song It’s Late.  The documentary is narrated by Cobain using excerpts from interviews he did with the journalist Michael Azzerad in the early 90s.

At one point Cobain described listening to Queen at an impressionable age:

[My father’s] idea of a father-and-son day out would be to take me to work on Saturdays and Sundays and I would sit in his office while he went and counted logs. It’s really a quite exciting weekend. I drew pictures, I made prank phone calls. And then I would go out into the warehouse where they stacked two-by-fours really high up into the air and I would pretend I was being chased or chasing robbers and cops or pretend to be Superman or any other superhero. … And then I would take a nap in the van and listen to Queen — “News of the World” on eight-track, over and over again, and drain the battery on the van. Then we’d be stuck. That happened a few times — we’d get stuck after work with a dead battery because I listened to Queen too much.

How sad.  Until reading this I had almost forgotten how vivid some of Cobain’s interviews were.  The documentary has gotten mostly positive reviews, though some critics take issue with the film’s lack of context.  The filmmakers did not use any Nirvana songs.  Perhaps Courtney wouldn’t allow it?


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