Eight Arms to Hold You

By now most of you have heard the story of Lakshmi Tatma, a two-year-old Bihari girl born with eight limbs.  Lakshmi’s doctor Sharan Patil participated in a chat today with Washington Post readers.

Lakshmi’s parents selected her name because of her physical resemblance to the Hindu goddess.  Somehow it seems fitting that the surgery took place during Diwali.

The cost of the surgery is being covered by the Sparsh Foundation, the charitable arm of Bangalore’s Sparsh Hospital.  Those interested in making a donation to the Foundation should click here.


8 thoughts on “Eight Arms to Hold You

  1. roisinmcginn says:

    Hey Lakshmi.. this really was a fascinating story. When I read it I instantly thought of the many limbed Indian goddess – although I didn’t realise she was called Lakshmi until now. The world is a weird and wonderful place. Have a great weekend!

  2. lottie says:

    dear lakshmi
    i think you are an incredable little girl and that your amazing story has touched the world’s heart. at school when i was learning about hindu’s my favourite was always lakshmi
    good luck!

  3. I think you are amazing! I mean, it must be hard for you. But the world is cruel sometimes. At school we are learning about HIndu’s and India. And i just want to say you have touched everyones heart at school.

    Hope you get Better. 😉 🙂 x

  4. Dukelover says:

    What. Lakshmi was an ancient goddess not a real person today. dont name a child after a goddess thats crazy

  5. lakshmigandhi says:

    Naming children after gods and goddesses is quite common in Hinduism. It is similar to naming a child after a biblical figure, all of whom were also ancient figures.

  6. babybearhiggins says:

    That’s an extremely ignorant comment from Dukelover. Not only is it common amongst Hindus, but also Christians, Jews, & Muslims alike. Where do you think half of the world’s names are deriven?! This is a wonderfully positive and inspiring story! Why do you feel the need to throw negativity into the mix?!

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