A Message to Katherine Heigl


Um, Katie? You’re wearing your sari backwards. It’s supposed to be draped over your left shoulder and it should cover your chest. Nirali Magazine readers break down your outfit here.

I know that the plot of your new movie centers on you wearing hidieous bridesmaid dresses, but I can guarantee that no desi mother would let one of the bridesmaids dress like that at the wedding.

You mentioned to People.com that this outfit was one of your favorites. Next time, why don’t you consult these pictures before you give it another try? Show them to the costume department, too.


25 thoughts on “A Message to Katherine Heigl

  1. Haha that’s so funny. Since I don’t know anything about saris I wouldn’t have known this myself but its still funny. What I find amusing is that no one did any research before they dressed her.

  2. lakshmigandhi says:

    The lack of research is surprising, especially when you consider that there are several thousand South Asians in the greater Los Angeles area that they could have consulted. There is also a neighborhood in southeast Los Angeles County known as Little India.

    Elizabeth Hurley wore a sari at her wedding to Arun Nayer and she looked great.

  3. andy says:

    hey quit being jealous of Kathrine! she makes the sari look so much more beautiful than it looks on indian women!!! i went to mumbai and ahmedabad, couldn’t help being disgusted by those women wearing saris and showing thier fat blubbery stomachs.

  4. lakshmigandhi says:

    Most saris are designed to be draped over the left shoulder. Saris that are meant to be worn over the right shoulder look different. Also, if she lowered her arm, the sari would probably slide off, which is an indication she is wearing it incorrectly.

  5. arati says:

    There are many ways to wear a sari. The only thing is I think she draped it too much. I don’t think she pleated either, but maybe she’s wearing it that way to be unique.

  6. Karishma says:

    I agree with Arati, there are several ways of draping a saree. This particular style (over the right shoulder) is more common to the North Indian style of wearing a saree, and being one I do know that there is no particular type of saree meant to be worn specifically like this. It’s just a personal preference of the wearer. Anyhoo (and no I DID not misspell that I just like it that way :P) I don’t think K. Heigl is even wearing a saree, its definitely a fitted lehenga with the dupatta draped to give the illusion of a saree!!

  7. lol says:

    lol u over eact wayyy to much. u just posted that to get attention and to be a show off about how much u know about sarees. honestly who could be bothered to do that?

  8. janet says:

    Who cares??? It’s like people who wear their baseball caps backward, they were not made to be worn that way but people do it…..

  9. Ketaki Radkar says:

    I agree….why didn’t the guys research a l’il bit on the sari drapping scenario!!?? It’s not tht difficult either…i mean the research!!And where drapping a sari is concerned why didn’t they hire any Indian mom!!

    @ Andy….I would like you to also see the fat american women around u wearing something tht they shouldn’t be wearing at tht age….atleast a sari is a cultural dress for Indian women!! I would also like u to travel a l’il bit more outside “Mumbai”!!

    And Lakshmi….gr8 blog…gr8 work…cheerio!! 🙂

  10. lakshmigandhi says:

    Thanks for all of the great comments.

    Arati and Karishma- Thanks for your thoughts. It didn’t occur to me that she is wearing a lengha draped to look like a sari. It would definitely be easier for the actresses to wear if that were the case, especially if they had never worn saris before.

    lol- Judging from the fact that this post is by far the most viewed post on the blog, I think that people do care and it is not an overreaction to write about it. WordPress blogs are both free and easy to set up, so you always have the option of starting your own blog if you don’t like the opinions expressed here.

    Janet- One of the things I like to explore on this blog is the representation of South Asian culture in the American media. We should note both the things the media gets right and the things they get wrong, particularly when they are exploring different cultures.

    Ketaki- Thanks for the compliment!

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  12. cpprani says:

    I THINK ITS A LEHNGA, cuz i dont see any pleats and if it was a sari the “pallu” part would be more decorated than the part around her waist but its the other way around. shes just draping her dupatta really awfully.

  13. Pragya Narang says:

    There are 16 ways of wearing a Saree (at least those are the number of ways I know how to tie a Saree)… different states in India has a different variation of wearing the Saree…and our designers have devised a few more 🙂

    The Saree is nothing but a drape and just like a proper noun can be pronounced in different ways, a drape can be worn in any which way one pleases… that is the beauty of the Saree… customizable, to fit everyone’s comfort and size!

    This has shown me a new innovative way of wearing the Saree! I will definitely try it out…and more mistakes from filmmakers are welcome,because every time one makes these mistakes, we get yet another way of wearing this dress which looks graceful no matter how badly it is worn 🙂

    I’m sure everyone would agree! 😀

    • lakshmigandhi says:

      But is this one of the 16 ways? If you try it, let us know if it slides off of your shoulder, because that is what probably happened to Katherine as soon as she lowered her arms.

  14. Ketaki Radkar says:

    @ Lakshmi
    It would’ve been one of the 16 ways if she had the part of the saree drapping her chest instead of her stomach…the CKP ppl of Maharashtra used to drap it in tht manner! And they used to tug it in instead of taking a pallu!

  15. Fara says:

    The way that the sari is drapped is the Gujrati style, it’s not perfectly drapped but it still looks fine.

    I personally wouldn’t have gone for that particular drape with that sari…. a more elaborate pallu drapped over the front would have looked better. 🙂

  16. Sara says:

    Actually, the sari is not being worn incorrectly. There are dozens of different ways to wear a sari. The ‘national’ Indian style is the one you are talking about with the end thrown over the left shoulder, hanging down the back. If Katherine Heigl or her costumers are guilty of anything, it’s of putting the sari on with the decorative end covered at the bottom instead of showcased at her shoulder.

  17. Sam says:

    i think the whole point was she had the dress in her closet but she didnt know how to wear it, i think its quite obvious when u watch the film, of course they researched its likely they had an indian on set anyway!

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