I Hope This Will Be on BBC America

Arrange Me a Marriage, a new BBC reality show, endeavors to arrange marriages for participants the desi way. According to the Daily Mail, in addition to looking for chemistry and compatibility, the show will also consider “compatibility of class, education, family and life goals.”

It will be interesting to see how the show’s host, Aneela Rahman, is portrayed. The contestants interviewed seemed to dislike her tactics immensely, even when her suggestions resulted in a good relationship. The uneasiness that many Westerners have with arranged marriages is also reflected in the article’s comments. All in all, I think that there is potential for a major East-West culture clash, which I would love to see.

If anyone who is watching the show would like to share their impressions of the program in the comments, that would be much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “I Hope This Will Be on BBC America

  1. I’ve watched three episodes so far and it seems like none of them have worked out properly. A common theme seems to be that the single people are deluding themselves about how attractive they are etc and are setting their hopes too high. She seems to set them up with suitable partners, but they don’t accept them. It’s a very interesting show though. The asian approach to marriage is fascinating.

  2. lakshmigandhi says:

    MTV recently did a show on South Asian Americans who had arranged marriages. I missed it, but I heard good things about it. From what I read about Arrange me a Marriage it almost seemed as if the contestants didn’t want it to work. Of course, I have yet to see an episode.

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