Sania Mirza on Tennis, Cricket and the Future

Sania gave a lengthly interview to IBN last week. Most of the interview was fairly standard, but one question stood out because it made me realize how much pressure Sania, 21, must feel before every match:

Anuradha SenGupta: You know when US President George Bush came to India and the speech he made in which the one name he mentioned was yours. Today, you are an icon for women, India, Hyderabad, Muslims. Look at any way you want to describe yourself and you are an icon. If you were to choose to be an icon or a spokesperson for Indian women or the best tennis player, which one would it be?

Sania Mirza: I am trying to be the best tennis player ever and everything else is coming along with it. I my opinion I am going to try and be my level best and with that if I have to be the spokesperson for India then it’s welcome. But those are all add-ons.


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