The sweater as sari blouse

If you read this site with any regularity, you know that I love taking note whenever movie stars wear saris on screen.  In Anne Hathaway’s latest film, Rachel Getting Married, the entire bridal party is decked out in traditional desi gear.  The only question I have is, why are they wearing sweaters?  Note to costumers: the blouse can really make or break the outfit, especially at weddings.  (Hat tip: Ultrabrown.)

Rachel Getting Married

Rachel Getting Married


3 thoughts on “The sweater as sari blouse

  1. Nisha says:

    I find it really irritating that these people don’t get that you’re supposed to cover your boobs with the sari, in any of the many ways you can wear it, and that you do not dangle it off your right hip and hang it on your left shoulder like a sling.

  2. I found it annoying that not only do they “use” the sari as a costume of sorts, rather than the way saris are meant to be worn but they don’t even bother to wear them correctly—they are backwards for goodness sakes!

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