Farewell, ER, We’ll Miss You

After 15 years, NBC’s medical drama ER is wrapping up on April 2. I watched the show obsessively as a middle schooler during the Drs. Ross/Benton/Carter years, but there was always something that bothered me: Where were all of the Indian doctors?  

The producers fixed that with the addition of Bend It Like Beckham’s Parminder Nagra in 2003.  In today’s NY Times’ director John Wells explains how Nagra ended up on the show:

WELLS I had seen Parminder in “Beckham,” and I realized that we had never had an Indian or Pakistani doctor even though they are many in E.R.’s around the country.

MS. NAGRA I’m very proud of my Indian heritage, but I didn’t want it to become a cliché. I wanted them to be clever about it. The challenge was to make me grow as a character, and I think I did. They put me in so many relationships. I think I set the record on the show for hookups.

The Guardian also had a lovely profile on Nagra where she talks more about portraying a South Asian on American television and the differences between working as an artist in America vs. Britain.


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