“Are You Indian?”: Amway Stories

Just talked to a friend who just came from “business meeting” about “making easy money” that an acquaintance recently proposed.

You know what that means: Amway!

Random desis used to ask me if I was Indian all of the time when I lived in Philadelphia- once when I was walking in Rittenhouse Square, another time in the University of Pennsylvania bookstore. I quickly learned to emphatically deny my Indian identity and to walk away as quickly as possible.

Until recently, I actually had no idea that being ambushed by Indians trying to push Amway is a fairly normal occurrence all over this great nation of ours. Stuff Indians Like did a post about it here, as did Sepia Mutiny a few years ago.

Do any readers out there have a particularly memorable Amway moment? Post in the comments.


One thought on ““Are You Indian?”: Amway Stories

  1. Arun says:

    I am a college student with VERY limited means. I had a couple hundred bucks remaining in my bank saved up for the christmas break after paying off that semester’s costs. This “good friend” of mine who graduated from my college last year calls me all of a sudden and appears very sincere about his inclination to let me into a business opportunity. He tells me that he understands how hard it is for me to pay for college and that he wants to help me and all that bullshit. Then he drives 200 miles with his upline guy to come sit with me and talks about the opportunity. The come back the next weekend and convince me to sign up. Now I have almost no money in my bank and I gotta skip my part-time job to go to motivational meetings to learn tactics on how to ensnare other people. I almost lost a few friends in the process of trying to get them into this. I could have got my money back but the upline was so nice to me and his wife cooked me good food and all that, and they spent a lot of time and money giving me rides across the state to attend seminars. So, I didn’t cancel. I just let it expire in 90 days. I’m loving the peace of mind that I have now. I can have real friends now. And I dont have to walk around trying to sell an energy drink for $3. I prefer redbull myself.

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