Michael J. Fox Discusses Bhutan, Delhi, and Holi on Letterman

Michael J. Fox was just on Letterman to shill for his new book. He also spoke about a special that he just taped on happiness that took him to Bhutan. He explained that he visited because of Bhutan’s high rate of Gross National Happiness.

He and Letterman actually talked about Bhutan for quite a long time and showed photos of families that MJF visited while there. Fox said that the high altitude also helped calm his Parkinson’s symptoms and that he was able to go mountain climbing.

Fox also ended up making an unplanned trip to India when he injured his finger mountain climbing, and ended up being sent to a Delhi hospital during Holi. Crazy antics, of course, ensue.

The last time I remember South Asia getting so much time on Letterman was when Ben Kingsley discussed filming Gandhi last summer.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a video of the appearance for you all tomorrow.