Matt Damon on Gandhi, Clean Water

Matt Damon spoke to Parade magazine recently about his advocacy and charitable work. Damon has been working on behalf of and Bono’s ONE campaign.

He begins his essay with a reference to Mahatma Gandhi:

When I was a boy, my mom had a magnet on the refrigerator with a little picture of Gandhi along with a quote from him. It said: “No matter how insignificant what you do may seem, it is important that you do it.” As a child, I was raised to believe that, and to this day I do my best to live it.

Nowadays, sentimental magnetized credos have gone the way of nostalgia, and technology has forever changed the way younger generations communicate. But those are still really good words to live by.

Damon also writes about visiting malaria patients in Tanzania while on a trip with President Bush’s Malaria Initiative. You can read the entire essay here.’s site features several videos on the importance of having access to clean drinking water. According to this piece, nearly 850 million Indians do not have access to safe water.

Via Celebrity Baby Blog.


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