Adam Lambert’s Indian Mini-Me

Ever since I’ve gotten access to Zee TV via my cable company’s South Asian package, I’ve been hooked to the reality show Lil Champs (it’s like American Idol for 8-14 year-olds. One contestant, 12-year-old Yatharth Ratnam Rastogi caught my attention because of his striking resemblance to one Adam Lambert.

Check out his hair and clothes and gesturing in the above video. He looks like a mini-Adam!

He even has crazy fans (who calls a 12 year old a Romeo?!) and detractors.

The last quote on this fan forum thread is my favorite. Apparently Yatharth has a tendency to be a bit over the top:

He is good in songs which don’t require grace… or modulation… and all he has to do is yell …. liked the way he messed the impromptu on Saturday… Go Yellarth….LOL

See! A mini-Adam!

The Lil Champs finale was yesterday, and Yatharth lost to little Hemant Brijwasi. Inevitably the Yatharthians came out saying the results don’t really matter:

I am sorry that you came second.Sometimes the person who takes second place becomes the real star!Your talent will take you places!Best of luck for the future!

I shared my Adam-Yatharth theory with Top Idol and she totally agreed. Check it out.


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