Thomas Jane’s Adventures in Tollywood

While scanning IMDB during tonight’s Golden Globes ceremony, I noticed that Hung star Thomas Jane’s film career had something of an unconventional start. His first film role was the romantic lead in the 1986 Tollywood film Padamati Sandhya Ragam.

According to this 2007 Pretty Blue Salwar post, the film is “about a family who moves from India to Washington, D.C.”:

While there, the young, beautiful daughter falls in love with both a white boy (who wears cowboy hats and unbuttons his shirt down to his navel), and a “black” boy (played by an Indian actor in an Afro wig).

She eventually marries the white boy, but not after the “black” boy gives us a truly inspired English-language “rap” which includes the chorus “Life is shabby/without my baby.”

I really want to get my hands on a copy of this film now!

As for Thomas Jane, he says that he’d love to return to India one day, telling WENN in August:

“I still have a real soft spot for everything Indian. India opened up my eyes to the world in a way no other experience could have. It’s the opposite of the western world. Their values are put less on the material things and more on the spiritual things of life.

“Being in India gave me a perspective that material things are not the end-all, be-all of what life is about… I was shown the light in India… It gave me the strength and wisdom to overcome a lot of rejection.”

Have any of you seen the film? And can you think of other Hollywood stars that appeared in Indian films early in their careers?


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