Anoop Desai To Release First Single in March

Shortly after the American Idols Live tour wrapped up last fall, Season 8 finalist Anoop Desai moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of getting signed to a label and to work on his debut album.

USA Today’s Idol Tracker blog reports Desai’s debut single will be released in March, followed by a complete album, titled All is Fair, later this spring.

While Desai presented himself as an R&B artist on the show, he says that the album will have more of a pop feel along with a strong “Indian element.”

He says:

“That’s something I’ve been experimenting with a lot in my music — sort of bringing pop, R&B and Hindi music into one vein.

“Both of the cultures I consider myself to be a part of — the South and India — have rich musical traditions, rich food traditions, rich literary traditions. It’s something that has been really nice for me, because I can draw from those rich traditions and feel part of them at the same time.”

Part one of Brian Mansfield’s interview with Desai can be found here, and you can follow Desai on Twitter @AnoopDoggDesai.

(Hat tip, MJ’s Big Blog)


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