John Shea’s Tamil Cinema Debut

Ever since I blogged about Golden Globe nominee Thomas Jane’s Tollywood film debut last week, I’ve been wondering if there were other American actors who have appeared in Indian cinema. Through Sepia Mutiny’s news tab I learned about last year’s Tamil thriller Achchamundu! Achchamundu!, (Translation: This is Fear! This is Fear!) which costars Emmy award-winning actor John Shea.

Reddit describes the film thusly:

Senthil Kumar (Prassanna) and Malini (Sneha) are a happily married couple in New Jersey, living life like any other born-in-India, arrived-in-the-US couple do. He submerges himself in the office and eats sambhar rice at home and she never misses a bhajan at the temple and shops at Indian stores. They have a daughter Rithka (Akshaya), the apple of their lives…
It’s a normal, happy life in the US until Robertson (John Shea) arrives, to paint the basement.

The movie sounds like a particularly creepy episode of Law and Order:SVU, with Shea playing a “[pedophile] who exercises like mad within the confines of his home, always moving on towards his next target.”

You can watch the highly-stylized trailer below:


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