Lakshmi Tatma Goes To School

It’s been two years since Lakshmi Tatma, the Bihari girl who was born with eight limbs, underwent surgery to be separated from her parasitic twin. I was thrilled to see that the Daily Mail reported today that four-year-old Lakshmi has begun her education:

…Lakshmi has started school, joining her elder brother as the only members of their family to ever receive an education.

Her father Shambu, 28, said: ‘I believe with all my heart that Lakshmi is indeed a goddess. The operation removed her extra legs so that she can lead a normal life but she is not a normal child.

‘She’s special, I think anything is possible for her. I’d like her to be educated so she can become a teacher. Then she can pass on what she knows to other children.’

Unfortunately, little Lakshmi has many more surgeries in her future. She will need two spine surgeries, an operation to close her hips and plastic surgery to create buttocks, which did not develop in the womb because of her parasitic twin.

Lakshmi and her family moved to Rajasthan soon after her surgery. Since then she has been under the care of SKSN, a school for the physically challenged. Funding Lakshmi’s medical care remains a problem for the Tatma family and a special fund has been set up to raise money for her treatment. You can contribute here.

Interested in learning more about Lakshmi? I highly recommend NatGeo’s documentary The Girl With 8 Limbs.


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