A Real-Life Pandora in India?

Via @octavianasrCNN, CNN.com reports:

London-based Survival International has drawn a parallel between the Na’vi of “Avatar” and the Dongria Kondh tribe in the eastern Indian state of Orissa, who it says are struggling to defend their sacred mountain from being mined by British firm, Vedanta Resources.

In its condemnation of the firm’s controversial project, Survival International placed an advertisement in the Hollywood magazine Variety, urging “Avatar” director James Cameron to help the Dongria Kondhs.

One celebrity that has been working with Survival International is British actress Joanna Lumley. (Lumley, who was born in Kashmir and whose father served in the 6th Gurkha Rifles, is also known for advocating on behalf of Gurkhas who served with the British Army.)

Here’s part one of Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain, a documentary on the Dongria Kondths that was produced by Survivor International. The film is narrated by Lumley:


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