“Ice-ice”: A Burmese Refugee’s First Snowstorm

From the NY Times’ City Room blog:

Wednesday was the first day he woke up in America. The first time he looked down at the Bronx street before dawn. And as a winter storm began to swirl outside, the very first time that Aung, a 37-year-old Burmese refugee, saw real snow.

“I saw the snow raining snow,” Aung said a few hours later, eyes wide under the knit cap that had just been provided by the International Rescue Committee. “I saw, like, ice-ice. On the ground, also, everything white.”

He had seen snow once before, in a Steven Spielberg war movie, he said. His new roommate, David, 42, also a refugee from Myanmar, had seen snow in an Indian film. But by the time they had made their way by subway to the I.R.C. headquarters near Grand Central Terminal, this stuff was not fluffy or picturesque.

Read the whole thing here.


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