Rachel Roy Raises Money for Haiti, Helps Create Jobs in Africa

Two recent stories about Indian-American fashion designer Rachel Roy got me thinking about the different ways celebrities support causes they believe in.

Rachel Roy giveaway

Roy has teamed up with FabSugar for a giveaway that will raise money for Haitian relief efforts. (Roy will donate $1 for every participant in the contest.) The bad news: The money is going to Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti, an organization with “a long history of dysfunction.” More here and here.

While I wish Roy had selected an organization that had more experience with disaster relief (like Doctors Without Borders), I was happy to read this next, unrelated news item from the LA Times’ All The Rage blog:

Designer Rachel Roy has partnered with Fairwinds Trading Co. to co-create jobs for women in Rwanda and Tanzania. Each piece is handmade, one-of-a-kind and created using patterns and materials unique to its community of origin.

It is always nice to see the fashion industry endorse programs that support programs that assist “women in Africa who are able to sustain their healthcare, nutrition and children’s education through the sale of their products.” You can see the Rachel Roy + Fairwinds Collection here.


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