Meet Kumar, Singapore’s #1 drag queen

Via CNNGo, a profile of Kumar, Singapore’s most popular drag queen:

Kumar pushes the boundaries of his shows by making fun of things that are taboo in Singapore. Surprisingly he has not been hauled up by the authorities. For him, it’s about knowing “what the rules are. The safest thing is — don’t be too political.”

It’s this instinct for balancing laughter with social acceptability, honed by 19 years of doing stand up comedy, that’s kept him out of trouble. But there are always repercussions, especially for a personality as controversial as Kumar. Those came from his family.

He recounted, “It was tough for my family because my father thought I was a prostitute. And my mother didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And it was very hard to tell them, so I let it be until they came to terms with it.”

It was seven years before his father spoke to him again, and his mother “knew at the back of her head that I was doing this, but she was hoping that I’ll end up in a desk job. But now it’s all different, it ain’t happening.”

The entire piece is an interesting read, you can find it here.

Below, a video interview with Kumar:


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