Those blue ribbons at the Oscars

Eagle-eyed Oscar viewers probably noticed that some stars were wearing blue ribbons on their gowns and tuxedos. The ribbons were the brainchild of nominee Gregg Helvey, director of the short film Kavi, and are meant to draw attention to the problem of modern-day slavery worldwide.

According to the film’s website, Kavi is the story of “a boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but instead he is forced to work in a brick kiln as a modern-day slave.”

Helvey tried to distribute 100 ribbons before the ceremony, according to the Mumbai Mirror’s Aseem Chhabra:

“Morgan Freeman has a ribbon and Pete Docter who directed Up and his Pixar crew also have them,” Helvey, 31, himself a nominee says. Helvey’s film Kavi, a moving 19-minute-long film about a child labourer, bonded in slavery at a brick kiln in Maharashtra, has been nominated for the best short film (live action) category. “I am trying to get other nominees involved with it.”

Helvey especially hopes that he can convince George Clooney to wear the ribbon. “I used to be George Clooney’s intern,” says the University of Southern California graduate. “I saw him at the Oscar nominees’ luncheon on February 15. I don’t know if he remembered me, but I went and introduced myself. And he said ‘Hey intern to nominee that’s not a bad jump.”

Watch the trailer for Kavi below:

Kavi lost to the Danish film The New Tenants.


6 thoughts on “Those blue ribbons at the Oscars

  1. Tina G. says:

    March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, this cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer. The Blue Ribbon is reprsentative of colon cancere. Next time, pick another color. You should have been much more sensitive. The stars wearing this ribbon should have been much more sensitive. Shame on you.

    • tracy says:

      shame on you for putting down people supporting a cause. a lot of causes share common colors as there are only so many colors in the rainbow. the fact that they are supporting a cause and showing their support on their clothing is good. how dare you chastise people working for a good cause.

      • Lakshmi says:

        This is obviously an emotional and personal issue for many people. Let’s cut Tina G. some slack.

  2. Jill Curtis says:

    he used Blue, which is the colon cancer awareness ribbon … and also March is colon cancer awareness month ..

    • Lakshmi says:

      I didn’t know that blue ribbons also symbolized colon cancer. Thanks for sharing. I did a quick Wikipedia search and learned that blue ribbons raise awareness for the following causes:

      * Tuberous Sclerosis awareness (blue)
      * Sex trafficking and slavery awareness (navy blue)
      * “Bring Home Our Troops” campaign
      * Child abuse awareness
      * Prostate cancer awareness (sky blue)
      * Colon cancer awareness
      * Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Online Free Speech
      * Canada’s anti-tobacco, anti-second hand smoke
      * Spain’s campaign for the release of Basque terrorists’ kidnap victims
      * “Responsible use of public lands for the benefit of all recreationists”
      * International No Diet Day
      * Hydranencephaly awareness

      As the Wikipedia entry says, “[m]any groups have adopted ribbons as symbols of support or awareness, and as a result, many causes often share each color.”

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