About SNL Last Night….

I completely missed last night’s Saturday Night Live because of the the vicious storm and subsequent power outages that hit the New York metro region. It wasn’t until I logged on to Twitter and saw a mini-flurry of tweets about the “Talk Show with Ravish” sketch that I realized something was up (and it wasn’t funny).

You can watch the sketch over at Hulu. For those who don’t feel like clicking over, imagine every South Asian American stereotype imaginable crammed into just over four and a half minutes: “funny” accents, a child prodigy son that was so completely emasculated that he was played by a woman (Nasim Pedrad), overbearing parents, a hodgepodge of random desi religious imagery on the set, and so much more. The writers also helpfully set the piece in Edison, NJ.

This Ultrabrown post explains everything that was wrong with the bit better than I could, all I can add is that I was extremely uncomfortable watching this. If you are like me and are now longing to see something that laughs with us instead of at us, here’s Russell Peters’ “How to Become Canadian” monologue:

(Hat tip: @manish_vij)


4 thoughts on “About SNL Last Night….

  1. I used to love Russell Peters but not anymore. The Indian accent is getting very old. A lot of his ignorance about India comes out in his act. It also bothers me that he uses these accents around white people who are then given an excuse to laugh at Indians.

    Maybe I’m taking myself too seriously, I just don’t trust that White Americans can get the jokes. I think they laugh the easy way out.

    • Lakshmi says:

      I see your point. The last part of your comment reminds me a little of the personal turmoil that lead Dave Chapelle to leave his show.

      I’ve never found Peters’ accents offensive, this is actually one of my favorite monologues by him because I think it’s a loving tribute to his father.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I agree with Lakshmi – I think Peters’ routine comes from a very deep affection for his family and both his Indian and Canadian heritage. Never had a problem with him.

    As for SNL, shame on them. That skit was just flat out awful, pointless, and completely offensive. And I don’t get offended that often. This made “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” look like a proper ethnography.


    BTW I just came across your blog and enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work!

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