Jessica Simpson’s “The Price of Beauty” Premieres Tonight

Jessica Simpson returns to the world of reality television tonight with the premiere of her documentary series The Price of Beauty (VH1, 10pm EST/PST).

Over the course of the series, Simpson and her two best friends (Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb) visit various countries and sample local beauty rituals. The trio traveled to India for the episode scheduled to air on March 29th.

Wondering what beauty treatments Simpson learned about during her trip to the second largest country in the world?

I’ll let the gossip blog “Entertainment and Showbiz” answer that:

Monster and Critics reports that Jessica Simpson has been paying “The Price of Beauty” to certain high level that surely makes us feel like puking! As per reports, Jessica has been offered to drink distilled cow urine in the television show. She is given a bottle of “Distilled Cow Urine” in India which has shocked her to the core.

Jessica is told that cow urine is a detoxifying drink! But drinking excreta? Horrible…and yukkks!

This series also sounds “horrible and yukkks!” Despite that, expect a live blog during the India episode when it airs on the 29th.


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