Salman Ahmad, the Bono of South Asia

The Washington Post recently interviewed Salman Ahmad, lead singer of the Pakistani rock band Junoon. (Ahmad is apparently also known as the Bono of South Asia). The resulting article is extremely over the top.

Ahmad tells Quinn the word Junoon means “obsessive passion” and goes on to explain in Bono-esque fashion:

“Even I don’t know what my junoon is,” Ahmad says. “It’s that whisper which comes from the heart. It might not have wings, but it has the power to fly. People see it as impulsive, but it’s more intuitive.”

The article’s kicker is equally entertaining:

As we finish lunch, he asks to say a prayer for me. He takes my hands in his, kisses them, bows his head and quietly recites the verse from the Koran: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak. Then he blows gently on my fingers and kisses my hands again.


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