Remembering the Connaught Rangers Mutiny

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of our Irish brothers and sisters, I thought we should take a look back at a moment in time when the histories of South Asia and Ireland intersected.

The Connaught Rangers was an Irish regiment of the British Army.

According to Wikipedia, the regiment rebelled after soldiers received word that the Irish War of Independence began:

On 28 June 1920, five men from C Company refused to take orders from their officers, declaring their intent not to serve the King until the British forces left Ireland. The Union Flag at Jalandhar, in the Punjab, was replaced by the flag of the Irish Republic.

More details can be found at this message board about James and William Daly, two brothers who led the mutiny.

Unfortunately, it looks like the two titles that come up in an search of “Connaught Rangers Mutiny” are out of print. However, Ireland and India: Nationalism, Empire and Memory, a book that came out last year, looks like it could be promising (warning: the book is ridiculously expensive).


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