Mindy Kaling explains Twitter to David Letterman

Actress Mindy Kaling spent most of her visit to The Late Show with David Letterman last Wednesday explaining Twitter to Dave. (Kaling tweets @mindykaling) Watch it below:

At 1:22, Letterman asks her if she’s ever regretted anything she’s posted on Twitter. “You can delete,” she assures him.

This would be a good time to note that nothing is ever completely erased from the Internet, especially if you are a celebrity.

Case in point, Kaling blocked me last fall soon after I linked to this horrific tweet about Roman Polanski’s victim in comment 13 of this Ultrabrown post. Kaling deleted the tweet (a re-tweet of a Neal Brennan joke) moments after posting, but not after a flurry of screenshots and retweets occurred.

Confidential to Mindy: Please consider unblocking me, Mindy. I like you, I just hate jokes about rape. And that particular joke was 5 levels of awful. I remember gasping when I first read it.


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