Even slum children feel bad for LiLo

Lindsay Lohan’s child trafficking documentary finally aired last night in Britain on BBC3. The Guardian’s Andrea Gentleman recently described this bizarre scene from the film (emphasis mine):

The shaven-haired girl is explaining that her parents would beat her unless she went out every day to earn money, but it’s hard to concentrate on what she’s saying because what’s happening behind her is so distracting. Lohan is rubbing her already-red eyes, spreading mascara around the place, twitching her eyebrows.

“Um. Um. Oh my God,” the film star says, her lips wobbling uncontrollably. A disembodied hand pops into the screen to pass her a tissue. “Um. How did she feel? Um. How did they treat her?” she asks, beginning to sob.

The small girl turns to look at her in bemusement. The translator gives an embarrassed laugh and says to the girl: “She’s crying for you. Why don’t you comfort her?” So we watch as the puzzled child dutifully strokes Lohan’s long mane of golden hair.

An equally bizarre clip of the film was leaked on YouTube last fall. Lohan’s pallor in the clip is a bit frightening, as is her belief that only pretty girls get trafficked. (At 00:42, Lohan asks if “maybe some girls, if they are like attractive get raped and prostituted and subjected to such horrible things?)

The Guardian’s review of the program, written from Lindsay’s perspective, can be found here.

Do any British readers want to weigh in? Was Lohan distracting? Did you feel as if you learned anything new?


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