Would you like salsa with that? Taco Bell comes to India

Via the Global Post, news that Taco Bell has arrived in India:

Like the Desai family who spread themselves across three tables, half of those who came into Bangalore’s only Taco Bell that evening couldn’t tell the difference between a taco and a burrito.

Nearby, groups of teenagers, middle-class families dressed in traditional Indian attire and couples clothed in their weekend best stood in snaking lines to try India’s latest fast-food sensation, pronouncing each syllable phonetically, “tor-til-a” and “fa-jee-ta.”

“It’s kay-suh-dee-ya,” Taco Bell staffer Jagruthi, 19, explained patiently to a bespectacled, bindi-sporting woman in a sari. Then she politely asked, “Do you like cheese?”

The woman shook her head and chose the potato taco instead.

Several other employees scattered across the restaurant were doing the same thing: explaining ingredients and sounding out unfamiliar words.

In addition to the potato taco, there is also a paneer option. I wonder if they have dancing waiters?


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