My coffee name is…

For those of us who absolutely hate hearing mangled versions of our names, the simple act of ordering coffee at a certain ubiquitous chain can be unnecessarily stressful.

It turns out that we are not alone. The Village Voice’s Shefali Kulkarni had this recent revelation:

…I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had tired of being asked how to spell a name that people find difficult to handle, at least in the super-busy moment of a Starbucks line.

So, like other people, I came up with a “coffee name.” Something simple that a coffee jockey can scribble on a cup without thinking. And, after taking a survey of the local scene, it’s clear that many others have come up with a similar solution.

At the Starbucks on Eighth Avenue, a grande iced caramel macchiato for “Sean” was really meant for “Chan,” short for Chandani.

“I never, ever give out my name,” Chan says. “And they still don’t get it right, but, hey, it’s what everyone calls me.”

Is anyone surprised that both the author of the article and the first person quoted both have desi names? And do any readers use a nom de cafe while in coffee shops or restaurants? I don’t, primarily because I am afraid that I will forget my alias and never get my $4 drink.


3 thoughts on “My coffee name is…

  1. Akshay Mangla says:

    Yes, as an Akshay I have to, otherwise I get called out as “Ashley”, “Ashkay”, “Ashaq” or “Ashanti”, among other variations. So instead I’ve decided to have fun with it. For example, lately I’ve been telling them that my order is for Optimus Prime.

  2. Atharvana says:

    I like this. Although I have had no problems yet with “RAMA” I do have to spell it out. This got me thinking. Everyone knows how to spell “DAD” right?

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