Somebody’s feeling a little snippy

Looks like all of the recent criticism of his work has gotten to the notoriously sensitive M. Night Shyamalan. At the Mexico City press conference promoting The Last Airbender, Shyamalan went on the defensive after a questioner pointedly noted that “the audience has lost its faith in [his] work” and asked whether Airbender was his attempt to reinvigorate his career.

Shyamalan’s response? “If I thought like you I’d kill myself… Your impression of my career is not my impression of my career. It’s something you read on Google.”

He goes on to make the dubious claims that Unbreakable was a better film than The Sixth Sense and that his favorite film was The Village. (Editorial note: The Village?! Really, Night? Really?)

Watch the whole clip below:

Perhaps worst of all for Shyamalan is that this isn’t the most negative piece of news that’s come out about him this week. IFC reports that movie goers have been “audibly recoiling” at the sight of the filmmaker’s name during the trailers for the movie Devil, which is due out this fall.


3 thoughts on “Somebody’s feeling a little snippy

  1. TJ Geezer says:

    That bit about “audibly recoiling” smells like mob mentality to me. Torches and pitchforks. Wonder what he did to piss off the Hollywood power players. Geez, is he supposed to create a masterpiece every time he sits down to a new script? At his worst, he’s better than most other directors for the types of films he does. I will say he might be listening too much to his internal critic and seeking a conventional style that doesn’t really suit him.

    • Lakshmi says:

      A couple of people who commented on my Sepia Mutiny post said that they personally witnessed the “audible recoiling”, and it sounded like they were just in ordinary theaters. See here and here.

      I think that MNS started alienating the Hollywood establishment during the filming of Lady in the Water? I remember there were lots of articles with anonymous sniping from studio execs around the time it came out.

      • TJ Geezer says:

        Anonymous sniping from studio execs… I still have to wonder what he did to be read out of the club. That the sniping was anonymous speaks for itself, and in an internet world, it doesn’t take much for for sneers and jibes and other such poison to spread. Not saying it’s some sort of conspiracy, just that it feels like a mob mentality at work. “This is how we react to that person this week. Stay tuned for the proper reaction next week.”

        Ah well. Maybe I’m just being snarky. Thanks for a provocative blog entry.

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