India observes Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth. The Associated Press notes some of the ways India is commemorating her life and good works:

India’s government plans to release a coin in Mother Teresa’s honor. Indian Railways is launching the Mother Express, a blue and white train, like the colors of the saris worn by the Missionaries of Charity, that will travel around the country carrying an exhibition on Mother Teresa.

The Hindustan Times has more about the “Mother Express”:

The train that focuses on the life, work and message of Mother Teresa, would travel all over the country in the next six months, Eastern railway sources said.

The train comprises three air-conditioned coaches, in which photographs, write-ups on the life and message of Mother Teresa have been kept for public viewing.

The Missionaries of Charity helped the railways by supplying photographs and various materials.

Meanwhile, here in the States there was a minor controversy over the Empire State Building’s decision to honor the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment instead of Mother Teresa. Clyde Haberman of the NY Times reports that hundreds of people rallied outside the ESB tonight in protest.


2 thoughts on “India observes Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday


    Hi…Just wanted to share my new video for the song ONE LOVE.
    The song and video are a tribute to Mother Teresa and all of her
    wonderful acts of love.
    Hope you like it….:-)
    Marcel Morejon

    Here’s a link to the video

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