Aziz wants you to give a spit

Check out this PSA Aziz Ansari and his Parks and Recreation co-star Chris Pratt just released encouraging young people to get their cheeks swabbed for the bone marrow registry.’s Give a Spit campaign is specifically targeting young people between the ages of 18-24. The campaign and its partners Be The Match and DKMS “need inspired young people like you to take the lead and register more committed college-age donors, especially minority donors. You can save lives by running a “Give a Spit” drive on your campus. Just sign up and we’ll get you everything you need to run a drive.”

And there’s more! The drive that gets the most donors signed up wins $2,000 for a celebratory party and everyone who enters the registry through a Give a Spit drive is eligible for a $500 college scholarship.

Readers who are curious about what donating entails should check out Taz’s recent interview with two donors. You should also check Amit Gupta Needs You for a list of drives across the country.

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Indira Gandhi makes a cameo appearance on Ellen

A typical Aziz Ansari talk show appearance almost always contains the following three parts: 1) Discussion of his sitcom Parks and Recreation, 2) mention of his stand up comedy career and 3) jokes about his cousins Harris and Darwish.

His appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday afternoon contained all of these elements plus a cameo appearance by one of the most polarizing figures in modern South Asian history.

Ansari displayed this baby photo as part of one of his punchlines:

Aziz and Indira

Pay close attention to the television screen. Who do you see? Why, it’s former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi!

DeGeneres even asks about the bizarre image. (It should be noted that neither star appears to recognize Indira G.)

Ellen: What was that you’re watching on TV there? What’s that program that you were watching?

Aziz: That was MTV Cribs.

Any guesses as to what he was really watching? Post them in the comments.

The entire interview is below (Indira’s cameo is @2:03):