Mindy Kaling explains Twitter to David Letterman

Actress Mindy Kaling spent most of her visit to The Late Show with David Letterman last Wednesday explaining Twitter to Dave. (Kaling tweets @mindykaling) Watch it below:

At 1:22, Letterman asks her if she’s ever regretted anything she’s posted on Twitter. “You can delete,” she assures him.

This would be a good time to note that nothing is ever completely erased from the Internet, especially if you are a celebrity.

Case in point, Kaling blocked me last fall soon after I linked to this horrific tweet about Roman Polanski’s victim in comment 13 of this Ultrabrown post. Kaling deleted the tweet (a re-tweet of a Neal Brennan joke) moments after posting, but not after a flurry of screenshots and retweets occurred.

Confidential to Mindy: Please consider unblocking me, Mindy. I like you, I just hate jokes about rape. And that particular joke was 5 levels of awful. I remember gasping when I first read it.

Liev Schreiber, Loogey-Gate, and the “New Delhi Times”

Actor Liev Schreiber spent most of his appearance on Friday’s The Late Show with David Letterman discussing a gossip item that ran in what he called The New Delhi Times (there isn’t a paper by this name). According to Schreiber, the article accused him of spitting on co-star Scarlett Johansson during a recent performance of their Broadway show A View From the Bridge.

I initially assumed that Schreiber was referring to the Hindustan Times, a paper that often runs ridiculous stories about Western celebrities. (Some recent examples include the following: LiLo denies rumours of link up with Gerard Butler, I look like a ‘blob’: Robert Pattinson and Sandra versus a porn star.)

However, after poking around a bit further, I believe I found the article Schreiber was talking about. It’s from NewKerala.com and it begins:

LIEV SCHREIBER and SCARLETT JOHANSSON disgusted theatregoers during a recent performance of their Broadway show A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE after the actor accidentally spat mucus in his co-star’s face.


Ben Kingsley tells Letterman why he changed his name

Sir Ben Kingsley was on The Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday to promote his new film Shutter Island.

I thought this interview was notable because it was the first time I had ever heard Kingsley talk about being half Indian. After Letterman asked the actor if “Ben Kingsley” was his birth name, Sir Ben talked about how his given name is Krishna Bhanji. He also spoke about his Gujarati grandfather, a spice trader who went by the nickname “King Clove” in Zanzibar. Kingsley attributes his decision to change his name to the difficulty he had auditioning with an unpronounceable name.

Interestingly, Kingsley never mentioned his heritage when he discussed filming Gandhi with Letterman back in 2008.

Part 1 of the interview starts at 5:07:

Part 2 (where he discusses his name and background):