Atif Aslam puts his own spin on Billie Jean

Longtime readers know that I love homages to Michael Jackson.

You can probably imagine my delight when I found Atif Aslam’s Coke Studio performance of Wasta Pyar Da*/Billie Jean. It originally aired on July 12, 2009, just 17 days after Jackson’s death:

*Google Translate says “Wasta Pyar Da” means “Love across da.” That makes no sense, and the poor translation is particularly disappointing in light of the recent New York Times article touting the improvements the service has undergone recently. If you have a better translation, please drop it in the comments.

Update: According to commenter nimrah, “…wasta pyar da means “for the sake of love” the actual line is ‘tenu waste ye pyar da’ the intended meaning is “i implore you for the sake of love..””