The American Idols drive to India

This week’s American Idol Ford music video took the Idolettes on a car ride around the world. The whirlwind global tour took the contestants to Japan, Germany, and India.

Of course they had to stop at the Taj Mahal:

Contestant Lee DeWyze dressed the part by wearing a kurta sherwani:

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Taj Mahal prominently featured on Lincoln mailer

Via the Huffington Post, more news from the Arkansas Senate race. The Democratic primary is on May 18.

Below are images of a mailer that was sent out recently by the “Friends of Blanche Lincoln.” Interestingly, the mailer uses images of the Taj Mahal to illustrate India, while the Americans for Job Security ad that began airing earlier in the week was set in Bangalore. It is unclear whether this advertisement was produced before Lincoln’s condemnation of the “Thank You” ad.

Here’s first panel:

Lest you thought that reason was “Because his company really liked UNESCO World Heritage sites” or “The company wanted to pay its respects to Mumtaz,” the mailer answers the question on its third panel:

You can see the entire mailer here. (Also, note the Aladdin-esque city skyline that appears on each page.)

A question for Arkansas readers: How has Halter responded to this discussion about outsourcing? If you have any links or images, please leave them in the comments.

(Hat Tip: The Plum Line)