George Clooney Spreads Peace and Goodwill in Delhi

Newly minted UN Messenger of Peace George Clooney visited Delhi today along with officials from the UN and India’s Defense Ministry.

According to IANS, South Asia is well represented in the UN Peacekeeping forces: “With 9,357 troops engaged in UN missions, India is the third largest supplier of peacekeepers behind Pakistan (10,610) and Bangladesh (9,856).”

Clooney was coy on what exactly a messenger of peace does, saying that he was too new to the job to describe it.

The Life and Times of Supriya Jindal

Bobby Jindal became Louisiana’s governor Monday and The Times-Picayune ran a fairly standard profile of Supriya Jindal, Louisiana’s new first lady. Readers learn about the birth of her third child, her favorite television shows, and how she met her husband.

Supriya was born in New Delhi, but says that she does not have any connection to the motherland:

Although she has visited India several times — including once with Bobby, when he was sent as a congressman on a trade mission — she says she doesn’t feel any particular attachment to the country of her ancestors or any particular sense of comfort when she’s there. Nor does she follow the news from India with any particular regularity.

“I think it’s interesting. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different things, different cultures. But it’s not a direct connection,” she says.

“She’s a New Orleans girl,” Bobby says. “I think that defines her more.”

Memories of Pinky

Via Matthew Yglesias: Slate’s Tim Noah parodies the fawning remembrances of Benazir Bhutto many of her former Harvard and Cambridge classmates have published recently.

Chapati Mystery’s Sepoy also recalled his few encounters with Bhutto this week, describing his disgust after hearing her speak at the University of Chicago.

For more on the aftermath of the Bhutto administration, my classmate Carl Winfield has been tracking the latest developments on his blog.