Welcome to the World, Satyana Denisof!

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan gave birth to daughter Satyana Denisof yesterday. Celebrity Baby Blog has the details. No word on what inspired the name, which is the Sanskrit word for truth.


“Are You Indian?”: Amway Stories

Just talked to a friend who just came from “business meeting” about “making easy money” that an acquaintance recently proposed.

You know what that means: Amway!

Random desis used to ask me if I was Indian all of the time when I lived in Philadelphia- once when I was walking in Rittenhouse Square, another time in the University of Pennsylvania bookstore. I quickly learned to emphatically deny my Indian identity and to walk away as quickly as possible.

Until recently, I actually had no idea that being ambushed by Indians trying to push Amway is a fairly normal occurrence all over this great nation of ours. Stuff Indians Like did a post about it here, as did Sepia Mutiny a few years ago.

Do any readers out there have a particularly memorable Amway moment? Post in the comments.