Padma Lakshmi Makes a Guest Appearance on Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style

I caught my first episode of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style today. Padma Lakshmi was a special guest and counseled a young woman whose leg was badly scarred in an accident. Padma herself was scarred in an automobile accident when she was fourteen. A profanity-laced Vanity Fair profile on Padma earlier this month and a 2001 article in Vogue explain how she made her scar her trademark.

Sania Mirza on Tennis, Cricket and the Future

Sania gave a lengthly interview to IBN last week. Most of the interview was fairly standard, but one question stood out because it made me realize how much pressure Sania, 21, must feel before every match:

Anuradha SenGupta: You know when US President George Bush came to India and the speech he made in which the one name he mentioned was yours. Today, you are an icon for women, India, Hyderabad, Muslims. Look at any way you want to describe yourself and you are an icon. If you were to choose to be an icon or a spokesperson for Indian women or the best tennis player, which one would it be?

Sania Mirza: I am trying to be the best tennis player ever and everything else is coming along with it. I my opinion I am going to try and be my level best and with that if I have to be the spokesperson for India then it’s welcome. But those are all add-ons.

I Hope This Will Be on BBC America

Arrange Me a Marriage, a new BBC reality show, endeavors to arrange marriages for participants the desi way. According to the Daily Mail, in addition to looking for chemistry and compatibility, the show will also consider “compatibility of class, education, family and life goals.”

It will be interesting to see how the show’s host, Aneela Rahman, is portrayed. The contestants interviewed seemed to dislike her tactics immensely, even when her suggestions resulted in a good relationship. The uneasiness that many Westerners have with arranged marriages is also reflected in the article’s comments. All in all, I think that there is potential for a major East-West culture clash, which I would love to see.

If anyone who is watching the show would like to share their impressions of the program in the comments, that would be much appreciated.

Post-Op Lakshmi Makes Her First Public Appearance

Lakshmi Tatma made her first public appearance today after her surgery to remove her four extra limbs. Her doctors told a press conference that she is making steady progress. The child was carried into the conference by her father and had casts on both of her legs.

Lakshmi was taken off of her respirator on Friday and one of her surgeons reported that she seemed a bit confused.

“Lakshmi appeared very perplexed and kept staring at her legs, wondering where the rest of her body had disappeared,” Dr. Sharan Patil said.

A Message to Katherine Heigl


Um, Katie? You’re wearing your sari backwards. It’s supposed to be draped over your left shoulder and it should cover your chest. Nirali Magazine readers break down your outfit here.

I know that the plot of your new movie centers on you wearing hidieous bridesmaid dresses, but I can guarantee that no desi mother would let one of the bridesmaids dress like that at the wedding.

You mentioned to that this outfit was one of your favorites. Next time, why don’t you consult these pictures before you give it another try? Show them to the costume department, too.