Growing Trend of Desis Playing Non-Ethnic Roles?

Aasif Mandvi of the Daily Show plays a swarmy book publisher named Bob Spaulding in the new Sandra Bullock film The Proposal. Mandvi’s character is the third instance I’ve seen recently where a desi is cast in a non-ethnic role: Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation and Kal Penn’s Lawrence Kutner being the two others.

Has any one else noticed this? Is this a trend?


Adam Lambert Says In a “Weird Way” Success was for Freddie

It should come as as no surprise that American Idol runner up Adam Lambert considers late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury a musical hero. In an interview with Adam pays tribute to the mustachioed one:

SS: Seems to me you could take over as the lead singer of Queen.

AL: Freddie Mercury is an idol of mine. The quality and the attack and passion in which he’d sing is totally inspirational to me. And, his story. He was living in a time when you couldn’t be as honest and open about your lifestyle. I’m very fortunate to be in 2009, and I kind of feel like in some weird way this is for him and all the other artists who haven’t been able to be real.

(Via MJ’s Big Blog)